Virindi Tank Commands

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These are the commands that can be issued to Virindi Tank using the chat window.

Standard Commands

  • /vt help - Displays available commands.
  • /vt testitem - Checks the currently selected item against the current loot rules, and tells you what the action would be if the item were found on a corpse.
  • /vt nav save filename - Saves the current waypoint list as a new navigation profile.
  • /vt nav load filename - Loads a navigation profile.
  • /vt settings save filename - Saves the current settings as a new settings profile.
  • /vt settings load filename - Loads a settings profile.
  • /vt loot save filename - Saves the current loot rules as a new loot profile.
  • /vt loot load filename - Loads a loot profile.
  • /vt propertydump - Displays the raw game properties for the currently selected item.
  • /vt addnavpt coords - Adds a navigation waypoint at the specified coordinates to the end of the current navigation profile.

Expert Commands

  • /vt refresh - Refreshes the UI. This also causes the list of profile files in the profile dropdowns to be updated.
  • /vt dumpspells - Dumps the client spell table to C:\spelldump.txt
  • /vt dumpspecies - Dumps the client species table to C:\speciesdump.txt
  • /vt dumpmats - Dumps the client material table to C:\matdump.txt
  • /vt opt set option value - Sets an advanced macro option.
  • /vt opt get option - Gets an advanced macro option.
  • /vt opt list - Lists all advanced macro options. Options List
  • /vt auth - Deprecated.
  • /vt mylevel - Deprecated.
  • /vt getdb - Attempts redownload of the latest game information database.
  • /vt log - Displays the current logging state.
  • /vt log type on/off - Sets or unsets logging of a particular type. Valid types are ActiveRule, SalvageList, and SpellCast.