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Virindi Plugins source code

The source code to a number of plugins and utilities is provided here.

Source is hosted in an SVN repository at:
While you can read and copy it with your web browser, use of an SVN client (such as TortoiseSVN) is recommended.

Most code written by me is released under an MIT License (but see each individual project folder for details).

Available code includes:
  • The Virindi View Service Connector (About; MIT licensed. A set of classes designed to be included in your plugin, which allow your plugin to use Virindi Views or Decal views depending on which is available)
  • The Decal Plugin Orderer utility (About; MIT licensed)
  • The Virindi Reporter plugin (About; MIT licensed. Provides a real-world example of use of the View Service Connector, as well as an example of adding entries to the Virindi HUDs status HUD)
  • The VTClassic loot system (About; MIT licensed. The complete source code to the editor and lootplugin for the Virindi Tank Classic Loot System)