Virindi Item Tool Changelog

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  • Updated to the latest VTank object tracker version to resolve ignored items bugs. (02/17/2015)

  • Auto recomp added! You can now add items to the 'Comps' tab and they will be purchased at vendors. Currently only MMDs are used to recomp.
  • There is also a "/it recomp" chat command to trigger a recomp while at a vendor.
  • Buy/Sell now temporarily disables stack/cram in VTank while running to prevent problems when splitting.
  • Item Tool's stacking algorithm has been updated to the newest one from VTank, meaning it now stacks downward and into packs. (02/15/2015)

  • Fix behavior with items that you can only buy a limited number of.
  • Allow buy/sell items to be reset to [None] by selecting a pyreal.
  • Fix another case where buy/sell could time out after buying. (02/14/2015)

  • Improve buy speed for non-stackable items.
  • Respect the game's buy limit of 5000 of one item at a time by splitting up large purchases. (02/14/2015)

  • Return selling of items with a material name to old behavior.
  • Fix buy/sell price calculations to accurately reflect how the game computes prices (vendor rates are applied to the whole stack of items rather than per item, so the final price per item is different depending on the stack size). (02/13/2015)

  • Added Chest mode.